4th Izmo International Summer School - Public Art and (semi) Public Space

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4th Izmo International Summer School - Public Art and (semi) Public Space it has been modified: 2013-06-07 di Benedict Flowers

Izmo organized the fourth edition of the Izmo International Summer School in Turin, from 22 July - 1 August 2013, which deals with public art and (semi) public space. The course is aimed at students, graduates, professionals and, in general, all those interested in sustainable art and creative design.

The lectures (in English) will be held by experts, professors and artists engaged in the field of works of art, urban design, cultural management, with the aim of providing a broad and multidisciplinary look at the topic. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to gain direct experience of sustainable and interactive design methods that will allow them to work creatively with different materials and to approach participatory design practices.

The training offered will be further enhanced by a meeting with guest lecturers Numen / For Use [Croatia-Austria], Maurizio Cilli [Italy], Diogenes [Italy], Damiano Aliprandi [Italy] and Truly Design [Italy], which will show their projects and approaches to the topic. Participants will also collaborate with Numen to realize a system specially designed for the space of the OGR.

Students will receive all necessary materials and work tools and Izmo members will be their mentors during each phase of the project. Participants in the Summer School will be assigned 4 credits recognized by the Politecnico di Torino and transferable to any other university (with ECTS).
In addition, we will provide ongoing support in logistics, research accommodation, mobility and tourism.

For more information, visit Summer School mini-website.

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