The online coffee becomes social through Latte Art

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The online coffee becomes social through Latte Art it has been modified: 2015-03-25 di Grace_creative

Communicating and sharing are two real needs, not to say mania, of contemporary society.

When design meets with elements of everyday life, here it is that immediately transforms them into powerful means of communication: it is what is going on with cups coffee online.

Stained coffee and cappuccino become, thanks to Latte Art, Real vehicles of various types of messages, ripping a smile and hundreds of "likes" on Facebook pages and Pinterest and Instagram profiles worldwide.

But what is the Latte Art? It is an art to everyone: if you have always admired the magical gestures with which your bartender prepares foam cappuccino, Then would you stay hooked observing a course of this discipline, that is to obtain a perfect texture of the foam, to the point that it can be modeled in many different forms.

Following a course or doing a lot of practice, you can do at home: just have a coffee machine well made, that allows you to prepare a great coffee with waffles and brand capsules and compatible, And also equipped with steam torch to froth milk for art, in fact.


That's how you can create with foam adorable kittens peeking over the edge of the cup, with a considerable 3D effect, or communicate any kind of state of mind and declaration realized through the use of syrups chocolate or cocoa powder.

Increasingly post Facebook Monday on private pages and on fan pages of many companies are colored with "Good morning" written on the stained coffee cups, as well as many declare their love with "Love" painted in melted chocolate letters on the foam of a mokaccino.


Not to mention the thousands of expressions that can easily stylize: smiles and pouts, tears and angry faces, real emoticons in the cup! The coffee is always a moment of pause, sharing and chat: The Latte Art emphasizes the role social "and social" of the Italians' favorite beverage.

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