Workshop in hay sculptures all'EASA2014


After the success of JUMP! - Jump in the hay - and Il Covo - Chaise longue country - the collective Rural Boxx is back with a WORKSHOP OF SCULPTURES IN HAY which will take place between July and 18 3 August in the context of 'EASA2014 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

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Oblique, a dispenser for rice and a separator for yolk and albumen

This project was born during a workshop with university Sovrappensiero Design StudioWith the goal of creating a product suited to the collection crowdfunding platform Eppela Italian.

Obli was developed by three young designers: Kun, Imma and David. Their project was born as a challenge and a dream: to draw objects from a two-dimensional element, then defining two products from a single sheet of plastic circular: a dispenser for rice and a separator for yolk and albumen.

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Izmade Workshop, how to build yourself a CNC milling machine

Laboratory of Theoretical and practical 6 meetings during which you will build a CNC milling machine, assembling the various components of the tool.

The meetings will be held on Saturday, for six weeks, starting dall'8 March, at the facilities of Officine Creative (Cecchi Point, via Cecchi 21 / a, Turin). Each workshop, lasting 4 hours, consists of a theoretical introduction and a practical construction. For the laboratory does not need preliminary expertise.

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design News

"Ideas from the slums" ilVespaio creative search for a workshop in the slums of Nairobi

ilVespaio organizes Amani Onlus the workshop Ideas from the slums to the School Tam Tam. The workshop will take place in Nairobi, Kenya and will allow participants to get to know life in the slums of Kenya and devise plans for this context. Course participants will leave for Nairobi with volunteers of Amani and designers de ilVespaio for ten days? Ne February 2014, after a series of preparatory meetings in Milan in the spaces provided by Tam Tam. Will be hosted at Kivuli Centre, reception center for street children, and they will have the unique opportunity to discover an Africa without? Lters, immersing himself in the reality of slums and knowing first hand who lives there.

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Padua 2013 Architecture / Six architects for a new city

In Padua Jan Kleihues, Uwe Schröder, Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra, Antonio Monestiroli, Malacarne Gino and Carlo Magnani protagonists of a workshop to redevelop the six areas of the city.

From September to 19 13 October doors open at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia: architects and citizens compared to the collective good. Pending the conference with Armando Massarenti, Vittorio Gregotti, Luca Illeterati and many others.
It opens Thursday 19 September in Palazzo della Gran Guardia 'Padova 2013 Architecture', Event organized by the Cultural Architecture in collaboration with the Municipality of Padua forget to redevelop the six areas of the city, some of which have no urban and landscape quality, involving the citizens with workshops open to the public, debates, exhibitions and conferences.

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OPEN DAY at the IED in Rome.

For those who feel creative, but still has not pointed towards your training courseThe Isituto Europeo di Design in Rome proposes also this year l 'OPEN DAY, An open day for get to know the Institute, visit the spaces and classrooms, talk with teachers and experience design that also gives you the chance to win a discount on the tuition fee, spending a day of fun and creative guidance.

All this takes place in Rome 19 September, at the headquarters in Via Alcamo 11.

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