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room thermostat, types and placement

The room thermostat is a device able to detect the temperature of the environment in which it is located and to manage the boiler ignition by comparing the temperature measured with that requested by the user. The

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Furniture Fair 2016: Scirocco H presents UP_grade and gives new life to old radiators

UP_grade Scirocco H is the solution for those who want to give a makeover to old radiators tubular design with a burst.

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Roberto Giacomucci: heat from Cement

Roberto Giacomucci, After being tested in several experiments design, challenge the world of heated towel rails, facing it to the sound of cement.
The designer Ancona is known for his ironic style, for its smart objects, for his concept of innovation, not just the preserve of companies that can count on considerable economic resources, but engine minds able to see the future in the simplicity of ' intuition "brilliant".
Captures his challenge the brand CONCRETELABGiving life, with full confidence to sketches to drafts and to render Giacomucci.

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