design Contest

3M for Design

3M and Desall invite you to design a piece of furniture for indoors or outdoors, which can be assembled exclusively using 3M adhesive systems.

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Lolita & MyKnife

MyKnife is a Software That Allows users to design Their own Customised chef knife. MyKnife puts you in touch with the masterful handcrafting of the sharpest knife artisans. What can you do with it?

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design News

535 Lumia smartphone which marks the end of the Nokia brand

Microsoft products Launches First smartphone which marks the end of the Nokia brand.

The company Redmond, Which bought the mobile division of the Finnish company in April for 7,2 billion dollars, has unveiled the Microsoft Lumia 535, a brand that will from now on replace the word 'Nokia Lumia'. Lumia 535 is presented as a '5x5x5', i.e. it has a 5-inch display and two 5-megapixel cameras.

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