bloom, the art exhibition that occupies the advertising space of the city

Bloom, nomadic project hungry for space and sharing art in unlikely places, now you throw into the mix of urban communication with a new creative challenge: the public space.
Poster faces municipal elections and the panels are altered in their original function, answering a new urgency for reinterpretation and re-appropriation of the city.
The work will remain posted for the summer months up to their natural decay and the streets of the city will become an open air gallery, active space and frame the many initiatives proposed by the project footprint cultural.

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Madrid-Río / mrío arquitectos asociados and West 8

The project Rio Madrid mrío arquitectos asociados and West 8, On which was published a long article of Plataforma Arquitectura, finally it opened to the public after 6 years of work. For those unfamiliar Rio Madrid, we say it is an ambitious urban development project that aims to link the precious natural landscape with the urban environment of Madrid, especially with the river Manzanares.

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