CONFUSION - A chair from cardboard scraps

Did you happen to do things with the cardboard? If you did you will have noticed that at the end of each working your laboratory is invaded by cuttings of every kind and size, waste inevitably destined to be destroyed.

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RicCAA 2013 in Padova International Biennial of Art and Design - 5 edition

A shower of inscriptions. Really big, deeply felt and shared this year's accession of artists and designers in RicCAAThe International Biennial of Art and Contemporary Design and environmental sustainability policies artist care Padua Marisa Merlin.

Biennial sponsored by the Veneto Region, the Municipality of Padua, by the degree course Dams Faculty of Arts and Philosophy University of Padua, Regional Institute for Venetian Villas, Confindustria Padova, ARPAV (Regional Agency for Prevention and Environmental Protection of Veneto) made by the Artery.

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