Emotions of light for the recovery of an ancient farm

In Sicily Platek lights create light emotions for the new sieves Rural Resort, an ancient farmhouse recently the subject of a recovery procedure.

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design News

Marco Acerbis Chopard lights up the windows with Mesh

The architect Marco Acerbis chooses his latest creation MESH to set up the new Chopard Boutique shop windows in Via della Spiga 14.

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Architecture News

Platek lights Montagne-Saint-Emilion

Platek lights Montagne-Saint-Emilion, in the Aquitaine region of France, in the middle of the production area of ​​the famous Bordeaux wine. Surrounded by hills and prestigious vineyards, the beating heart of the town is a historical architectural complex consists of the Church and the Town Hall, very visible to the guest who arrives from far away on the road.

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design News

Platek draws ETEREA light

News home Platek for 2015, ETEREA represents the evolution of the concept of lantern: A solid minimal lines and geometries defined able to camouflage the latest generation LED sources.

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Product Selection

SDM Products Selection, a selection of design products able to improve the liveability of indoor and outdoor spaces, while at the same time expressing a mood.


Platek Light presents “Chiodo”, LED lighting for the outdoor 2014

Nail is new in Platek Light for 2014 which it will be fitted with harmony and lightness to the already wide range of LED lighting that the company offers.

The minimal design and the ability to withstand any climatic condition make Nail an interesting component for spaces that need of quality test performance.

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Platek Light illuminates Strasbourg

Platek Light has been called by the Urban Community of Strasbourg to realize the lighting project for the architectural heritage of the city center, in particular has illuminated the major works that arise on the banks of the Ill, the river that runs through the city and the neighborhood Petite France, as the Barrage Vauban (or Grande Ecluse), built in the late seventeenth century and used as a defense system of the city,

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