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The 50 years of Snoopy cult table lamp celebrated by a limited edition

Flos celebrates fifty years of Snoopy table lamp born in the 1967 by the genius of the Castiglioni brothers with a limited edition matt black.

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DEBUT Concept Store and BRIONVEGA are: AUDIO EMOTION - Fuorisalone 2013

Three of the most important products in the history of Italian industrial design: The Radiogram of Achilles e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Radio Cube drawn by Marco Zanuso e Richard Sapper and Radio skyscraper Marco Zanuso.

On display are the original versions and current with new photographic and video material. The purpose is to tell as radiogram, Radio and Radio Cube Skyscraper, over the years, have not lost their identity, but on the contrary, were able to accept and adopt the innovations that today's technology offers; without losing its charm and personality. Making it the icons: timeless works.

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