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Cult Goods BUY ON LINE!

Goods of Worship, Sparkling brand and said the international scene, besides being for sale in the most important art museums contemporana in Italy and abroad, is now also sold ON LINE.

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Preview iSaloni - Fuorisalone 17-22 2012 April Milano: Alessandra Scarfò Design


Alessandra Scarfo, young designers, working in the contemporary international scene, to his credit · boasts projects ranging from the product to the interior, from exhibitions to interactive art installations.

· Its different skills for each area are the expression of an interdisciplinary approach to the study, focused on sustainability, starting from the models of contemporary design.

In design research, attaches great attention to the study of new materials aimed at finding solutions and the quality of the details.

In 2010, presented the collection "Goods of worship"Characterized by self-produced objects.

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Cult goods - earrings, Plexiglas mirrors and clocks


Light and fanciful, fresh and sparkling, precious and luxurious is the Merci di Culto collection. Signed by Alessandra Scarfò, a young designer working in the contemporary Italian and international scenario.

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