Wine, or maybe not? The packaging inspired by Simpson and Piet Mondrian

Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich were inspired by the Simpsons and Piet Mondrian to design the packaging of their mystery drink.

A packaging that does not reveal its contents, but it has the typical shape of a bottle of wine, then one wonders "Wine, or maybe not?"

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“Mondrian” condominium / Margherita Petranzan and Giuseppe Bovo

The project "Mondrian" condominium architects Petranzan Margherita and Giuseppe Bovo -inserted in an urban recovery plan- includes two square-based buildings connected by a portico, with commercial-executive spaces on the ground floor and residential on the first and second floors. The surrounding area was organized by providing greenery, parking, public pedestrian paths with arcades and not. In the elevation, structures and curtain walls can be seen by chromatic difference, in addition to the light-shadow variation that is combined with a variation of the full-empty rhythm.

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