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535 Lumia smartphone which marks the end of the Nokia brand

Microsoft Launches First smartphone which marks the end of the Nokia brand.

The company Redmond, Which bought the mobile division of the Finnish company in April for 7,2 billion dollars, has unveiled the Microsoft Lumia 535Brand, which from now on will replace the word 'Nokia Lumia'. Lumia 535 is presented as a '5x5x5', ie has 5-inch display and two megapixel cameras from 5.

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the new Nokia Lumia 1020 reinvents zoom thanks to a 41 megapixel sensor

Nokia Lumia 1020, with a sensor 41 megapixel, unlike all the other smartphones on the market today, reinvents the zoom, allowing you to capture much more detail than you can do with the naked eye. Thanks to the innovative technology of PureView NokiaWhich includes optical image stabilization, the device is able to realize some of the crisper pictures that you can take with any digital camera.

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