Old books transformed into sculptures by Brian Dettmer

Brian Dettmer turns old books into sculptures with scalpels and other surgical instruments, from 2002 today his works have been exhibited in more than 120 exhibitions worldwide.

The books are timeless pieces of knowledge and history. They are the best teachers and storytellers of the past. These printed materials are priceless and are considered immortal to some extent, but in the era of innovation in which anything can be digitized, printed materials such as books and encyclopedias, are suffering from a huge drop in popularity especially among younger Because of their modern versions such as e-books.

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Moving - Norman Foster on Art

Norman Foster designed the Carré d'Art in Nîmes more than 20 years ago and now celebrates a spectacular return in southern France with "Moving - Norman Foster on Art," an exhibition that took care of the person to celebrate the anniversary of the museum 20 .

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Danilo Pirro / Enrico Lattes The architect found

June at the 12 17,30 at the hall "Paul Candelori" Charity foundation of Terni, will be presented the book of Arch. Danilo Sergio Pirro "HENRY LATTES - ARCHITECT RITROVATO"Published by Gangemi Editore Roma.

The book is the result of research on the human and professional story of Henry Lattes architect author, with Bravetti and Staderini, the plan of Terni of 1934.

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"Where do the wild roses" _ monumental Need to Servino

"Always choose the most difficult" Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Aphorism or aphorism sm Maximum, sentence, definition, which in short and juicy words summarizes and contains the result of the above considerations, observations, experiences, [...] which condenses - similar to the ancient Latin phrases - a specific substance or a more general philosophical knowledge or morality, as well as a wise rule or a practical rule of life: collection of aphorisms; speak in aphorisms.

"The design is an aphorism"

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Product Selection

SDM Products Selection, a selection of design products able to improve the liveability of indoor and outdoor spaces, while at the same time expressing a mood.


Ivana Riggi / Beyond The Project

In addition the Project, Recalling, in conversation, reflecting on architecture and design, edited by Ivana Riggi, Published by PUBLISHER ARACNE, it is a journey to discover the man and his valuable work.

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Library Chair

Library Chair, is an armchair that can store up to five meters of books. You can organize the books you want and choose your favorites so that you can get your own small library staff. You can

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