Leonia project

Leonia project: A web platform on creative reuse with best practices and standards for designers and artists. Leonia is a research project conceived and developed by Izmo, Aimed at providing designers and artists a theoretical basis and rules for the use of reuse and dell'autocostruzione methodologies in urban redevelopment.

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4th Izmo International Summer School - Public Art and (semi) Public Space

Izmo It organized the fourth edition of the International Summer School Izmo in Turin from July 22 - 1 2013 August, which deals with public art and space (semi) public. The course is designed for students, graduates, professionals and, in general, all those who are interested in art sustainable and creative design.

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Izmo Winter School 2013, Interior Design and Creative Re-use

After two editions of Summer Schools, IZMO organized the first edition of the Winter International School of Turin (Italy) from January to 16 25 2013 January, which focuses on interior design and creative reuse. The course is aimed at students, graduates, professionals, and, in general, anyone interested in the theme of ecological and creative design.

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