Salone del Mobile 2015

Cocodi collection by Italo Pertichini for Adrenaline

Recently presented at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2015, the Cocodi collection was born thinking of the caratelle, the typical carts built by children to challenge each other in races on the asphalt.

The high-back version is reminiscent of the passenger compartment of a small wheeled vehicle.

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Natural Design Collection / Italo Pertichini WALL DESIGN PLUS

WALL DESIGN PLUS is the new brand created by DECOR Srl leading domestic and international level with twenty years experience in the production of decorative panels stone veneer.

The collection Natural Design It represents the starting point of a new way of conceiving the walls, the wide range of three-dimensional aesthetic solutions and the ability to add, in the final stage of installation, unlimited colors meet any project requirement, characterizing absolutely personal any wall.

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