Mathilde Roussel / Hanging living grass sculptures

Hanging living grass sculptures is a project of the French designer Mathilde Roussel who conceived precisely sculptures of grass hung, that are alive, that is subject to the effects of time and processing, through the growth of the grass.

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Elisa Schillaci / keep off the grass

Elisa SchillaciYoung Designer between Rome and Palermo, has sent us his concept called Keep Off The Grass, one empties unusual pockets that intrigued us.

"The challenge was to think of an object in the" less is current wood that followed more 'but, at the same time, imagine an object that would meet the modern mood, innovative and eco-friendly, conveying with his form of contents that were also emotional. The Keep Off The Grass design comes from a specific image: the coins and keys that spread out of your pocket, once seated on the grass. In fact, this is a complement of wooden furniture where empty your pockets when we got home. But I would like to proceed with order.

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