An urban redevelopment project has transformed the gray courtyard of a Roman periphery childhood school into a large map.

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LECO, the system for differentiated waste collection with a playful aspect by FLUSSOCREATIVO

Leco, fully equipped ecological station designed by Flussocreativo, It has a young and colorful appearance, with a strong playful reference imprinted in the collective memory.

 It 'a siatema of containers for waste collection, composed of five elements in the low density polyethylene (LDPE), two of which for the aluminum and the glass, in the respective blue and green colors and two, of larger size, for the white and yellow card for plastics. The four elements are positioned in turn on a fifth element, gray color, which serves as a base.

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Atelier Peter Kis, Prater Street

The study of architecture Hungarian Peter Kis has designed a complex multi-story mixed-use in the District Józsefváros Budapest.
The particularity of the building

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