Egg: EcoDesign futuristic and elegant

The separate collection plays a primary role in the system of integrated waste management as it allows, on the one hand, to reduce the flow to be disposed and, secondly, to influence in a positive way the entire management system. To ensure that they are properly disposed of and recycled it is necessary that they are kept divided according to the type of material of which they consist. The architect and interior designer Gianluca SoldiIt has always been sensitive to the environment and the person, has designed and implemented an object which would serve to separate collection at home in order to educate the population to correctly dispose of the waste for them, therefore, recycle.

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Gianluca Soldi / Ovetto, separate collection of Italian design

Egg, designed by Italian designer Gianluca Soldi, is a container for recycling by the futuristic look!
Highly functional, it consists of three containers from 30 liters each to separate different types of waste (plastic, organic glass ...).

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