Interactive Window Concept

A great job with this interactive showcase for the brand WESC clothing, designed by the students of Hyper Island: Beatriz Areilza Gustaf Engström, Lucas Lima and Marcus Wallander. a display

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Abandoned Bunkers

A splendid historical work and photo of English Jonathan Andrew, Based in Amsterdam, focuses specifically on buildings and bunkers at the time of the Second World War in Europe.

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Fabio Rex: Delicious Drinks

A number of interesting infographics of Brazilian designer Fabio Rex illustrate one after the other glasses and composition of the best international drinks: the Mojito, Tequila Sunrise and many others that you will discover in the following article

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alun well-jones: affinity chair

Creating a very interesting, with this Affinity Chair, invisible as wanted by British designer Ben Alun-Jones. A structure composed of acrylic plastic materials, sensors, film mirror and LED, to adapt to the surrounding environment.

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