Preview Salone del Mobile 2011 / Roberto Giacomucci for EMPORIUM

The hummingbird is the perfect synthesis of what is Emporium for its founder: this species lives mainly in the Amazon forests, where it is romantically called Beijaflor (baciafiore). His heart beats ten times faster than that of a human being and is equipped with special flight capacity thanks to the large wingspan. Its feathers have a particularly bright color, changing depending on how you look.
Emporium lives of the same energy of this tiny but awesome bird, soaring elegantly and working with the same passion edefficienza. As the colors of the hummingbird, Emporium, small and fast, is the most vivid and colorful hues, showing its many facets, its versatility and dynamism.

Emporium has sent us some previews of products designed to Roberto Giacomucci which will be exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair 2011.

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