Ecocentric at Smart Place of Casaidea 2013

Within the Smart Place, a space curated by the architect. Michele Fanfulli, dedicated to art, music, food, design, they take the body of the artisan craftsmanship and high-tech manufacturing, ecocentric, on the occasion of Casaidea 2013, Will present its latest creazionidi ecodesign. Lamps made from original materials in the most unusual creative relook, up to furnishings, ecocentric, Reuse materials almost never "noble" to produce innovative design objects and at the same time environmentally friendly.

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Demode (engineered by Valcucine) has Mechanics

The widespread trend in favor of eco-sustainability increasingly leads to the development of products, called eco-chic, but completely at odds with the economic possibilities of the young: the project demode want to solve this problem by giving the opportunity to buy an eco-friendly product at affordable prices. mechanics is a revolutionary system of eco-sustainable kitchen is the fact that price: a real product of "democratic modern design."

To achieve these results, demode (engineered by Valcucine) has reinvented the kitchen furniture system by working on maximum simplification of the structure: a series of iron pipe, easily assembled "DIY", constitute the frame of the furniture of Mechanics. Not using glues are avoided carcinogenic formaldehyde emissions.

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