70m2 presents: RAIL 7 | obscurely

The architectural firm based in Livorno 70m2 presents TRACK 7 | obscurely
7 track
It is a collective of young photographers from the 2007 showcases choral works in which individual individuality coexist harmoniously; a growing group looking for unconventional exhibition methods and with a common passion for music and literature. With their latest installation obscurely, 70m2, in via Poggiali 10 in Livorno, Inaugurates a new season of events.

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Design Matters, panels decorated with inlay technique

Materiae Design is a young artisan company that offers an innovative way in the use of different materials such as wood, steel, glass, plastics, leather, etc., for the realization of furnishings, equipment and installations.
Md care throughout the supply chain of the product, from concept through to production directly.
Founded by Michele Cammarelle 2008 32 years designers of SUN, Md values ​​in their work skills acquired through training in the context of industrial design, crafts, theater in the fields of stage design and lighting design and technical direction of cultural events.
The main feature of the productions Md is the attitude to the creation of pieces of high-profile design with a strong craftsmanship.

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