Rural Boxx / Nest

Nest it is a nomadic structure, an easily removable and transportable dome, a refuge to take with you, everywhere. Like an Indian tepee or a Mongolian yurt, Nido is a temporary home, a place for play and relaxation, for the meeting of people and improvised events. Made with scrap materials and felt it is a highly stable structure that

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Rural Boxx / workshop, build a dome made of bamboo

The workshop provides a theoretical introductory part, followed by the construction of a dome made of bamboo.

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Matteo Cibic / Domsai

Domsai is a tamagotchi for your desk.
Handcrafted, designed and made with love in Nove. Each Domsai has its own personality, each cactus has its own custom blown dome which differentiates it from the others.

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