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Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week in Milan Design Week 2016

After a year full of great news in which Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week has managed to hit some of its objectives due to intercompany collaboration with Slow Food Great China and Macao International Design Show, Milan Design Week 2016 becomes this time opportunity to consolidate the bridge with China, in partnership with Radio design, emerging Chinese media that works to promote the design and jillion Art Collective in Shanghai that deals with both of design and contemporary art.

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Beijing Design Week: launch the edition 2012

After the success 2011 and the favor received at the Furniture Fair 2012, in late September returns to Beijing Beijing Design Week. Scheduled from September to October 28 6 2012, The festival once again confirmed the format with the first edition and aims to still be a Once a synonym for design celebration, art, architecture and new technologies. Among the novelties of 2012 edition program it was announced the addition of new sections and expansion to new areas of the city.

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Nanjing Sifang Art Museum / Steven Holl Architects

Perspective is the fundamental historic difference between Western and Chinese painting. After 13 century Western painting developed vanishing points in fixed perspective. The Chinese painters, although aware of perspective, rejected the sole vanishing point method, producing landscapes with "parallel perspectives", in which the viewer travels within the painting. The new museum is located at the entrance of the Contemporary International Practical Exhibition of Architecture in the green landscape of the Pearl Spring near Nanjing, China. The museum, completed by Steven Holl Architects, It consists of a "field" of parallel perspective spaces. The move straight on the ground floor gradually becomes passage of winding up on the floor above. The upper gallery, suspended in the air, spread

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