A4Adesign / General tests of sustainable furniture with "EXPO suite" - Opening and extraordinary sale in Milan from 15 to 18 May

A month after the Fuorisalone, A4Adesign reopens the location-yard via De Amicis 53 4 days in a sustainable furnishing sign. With recycled cardboard package modules EXPO suite, Anyone who wants can dial the Mobile who want and take it home for a nominal fee per module (€ 1) or per linear meter (EUR 2).

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KShop: the ecommerce for eco-sustainable cardboard furniture

In 1999 Mr. Renzo Paoletti the Paper Jesina srl, a company specializing in the production of corrugated packaging, designs the ancestor of Easychair. A cardboard chair with which he always presented himself to customers, to amaze them. He was called "the man with the chair", not with the suitcase!

A chair, an easy chair in the last century had never seen. Was completely cardboard, Folding and with the brand printed on the surface. His unusual business card, so unusual to patent it.

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