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Wegner The Wishbone Chair for everyone, preview the furniture fair 2015

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Wegner The Wishbone Chair for everyone, preview the furniture fair 2015 it has been modified: 2015-03-31 di jessica zannori

Wegner's passion for color expressed through his best-selling project.

Hans J. Wegner, the "creator of chairs of the creators of chairs," has never been afraid to experiment and innovate. Although public attention often focuses on materials, shape and functionality, there is another important aspect of the history of Wegner to tell: his passion for color.

The famous Wishbone Chair by Wegner, or CH24 - a furniture-icon in the history of modern design - today tells this story through 25 new color palette inspired by the original Wegner: from soft and neutral shades to bright colors and bold, new releases lend to every interior and satisfy every taste.

On the one hand there are 13 color palette "official" by Carl Hansen & Son: maroon and orange-reddish, dark green, slight variations of blue and purple and a neutral range from white to black. Across a dozen unique colors for the Wishbone Chair launched in 2010 when the famous furniture made 60 years. These are divided into three classes of color - Ocean, Energy and Citrus - and include light green, sea blue, pale purple and another shade of white.

Wegner often used the color during the design phase of painting the prototypes of white to get a better sense of form and color used as a tool to find the balance between form and function. It was also known to combine traditional forms with modern experimentation and the Wishbone Chair - inspired by the chairs of the Chinese emperors - it is the main example. The perfect combination of the classic silhouette of the Wishbone Chair and a modern color palette emphasizes the visionary nature of the work of Wegner and the unchanged value of its projects.

Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son, declaring, "Wegner was an amiable perfectionist. He believed that the design of the perfect chair was a never-ending process, and was not afraid to make bold decisions and innovative in his search for the ideal. We think he would like to update their projects to satisfy and delight the new generations. The range of colors 25 offers customers today many possibilities and at the same time inform the creativity of the projects-symbol Wegner. "

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For those who prefer the natural wood finish, the modern classic is available in ash, beech, oak, smoked oak, walnut and cherry. The finishes in natural wood or lacquer can be combined with natural rope, black or white so as to fit perfectly into any interior.

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