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Simone Micheli and Elio Garis sign new Barel collections

Simone Micheli and Elio Garis sign new Barel collections it has been modified: 2015-05-04 di Benedict Flowers

Uniqueness. Craftsmanship. Design. Art. Beauty. Personality. Future. People.

This is - in short - the philosophy that lives, designs and manufactures BAREL, Piedmont company that is dedicated for over forty years to the realization of artisan interior.

The product range for the 2015 are numerous, born from the minds and from pencils expert Artistic Director, ELIO GARIS, And the signing of the Architect SIMONE MICHELI. But also involved other important architects of the Italian scene, confirming that the Italian spirit is pure from the root of the project.

Artistic Director Elio Garis ferries his famous creation, the bed The Wave, created last year, in the purest Italian style: renaming first collection Onda (Wave One bed), side by side, two new beds, Wave Two and Wave Three, soft to the eye and to the touch thanks to the textile bill signed Barel. Another highlight and novelty of this is the collection 2015 Volarte - modular furniture system: a small revolution for the company. A system based on tubular metal that leaves the imagination of customers free to express themselves by customizing the most of their purchase.



Capri 02

Portofino 04

Wave Two 01

Wave Two 02

Wave Three 01

The collaboration with the architect Simone Micheli is evocative name since Filodiferro (beds, tables, furniture). The collection is full of iron, in fact, matter distinctive brand, format full rod, for all of the forms: from the most slender and simple to complex and extraordinary.

Deer 01


Double 01

Rectangle 01

Rectangle 02

For the first time in its history BAREL also presents a catalog entirely dedicated to the living area with focus on the table.

The architect Simone Micheli signature table Meeting of the collection Filodiferro while Elio Garis presents the table and the table Compass Vittoria (the latter part of the collection Volarte). Other variations on this theme are born by the inspiration of three interesting figures of Italian design: the architect Antonio Arro, the Architect and the Architect Paolo Cravero Roberto Montegrandi give rise to products with a unique style that blend together the craftsmanship of the Barel contemporaneity of their tract.

A new catalog 2015, then, that does not betray the history of BAREL but enhances all those who are the values ​​that make it up, mixing raw materials with ancient forms of traditional and contemporary proposals to meet the needs of the public Italian and foreign, in the name art and craftsmanship genuinely and proudly made in Italy.

Compass together

Compass rectangularDesign Elio Garis table COMPASS

Gaius 01Design Paolo Cravero table GAY

Gaius 02

Meeting 03Design Simone Micheli table MEETING (Collection FILODIFERRO)

Pashmina 01Design Antonio Arro table PASHMINA

Simone 01Design Roberto Montegrandi table SIMONE

Simone 02

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