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MADIA ADDITION, design by Egidio Panzera for Reflections

Reflections Madia ADDITION by Egidio Panzera 008
MADIA ADDITION, design by Egidio Panzera for Reflections it has been modified: 2015-06-09 di Benedict Flowers

“Sometimes, to innovate, it is necessary to start from what is known, to break down, divide and recompose in a different way, with new forms”.

This is the intuition of the designer Egidio Panzera who designed the new brand new Addition sideboard for Riflessi.

Addition is the “non-uniform” sum of 4 formal “episodes”: the wall of a room, a vertical plane, a casket and a horizontal plane. Each episode overlaps the previous one, maintaining a "reverent" distance between them and immediately occupied by the light. The result is a composition mindful of the neoplastic lesson in which, however, each element is free to move horizontally, to translate to occupy ever-changing spaces and proportions.

Addition is a compendium of materials from areas other than furniture, materials that tell “stories”; materials handcrafted by skilled hands and combined with such care as to bring to mind the minutiae of men's haute couture. The Addition sideboard then exhibits a surprising look: brushed oak doors covered with moss-colored clay, cooked copper for the metal “seams”, mustard wood melange for the interiors, moss-colored glass, “forest” marble for the vertical top.

The “forest” marble comes from the fossilization of the forests of India and Brazil; once thoroughly brushed, the harder roots remain in relief, the surface is rippled, comes to life, vibrates. But Addition is available in other material and, of course, chromatic combinations to allow very personal compositions.

The Addiction sideboard surprises for the unusual and precious materials that are the result of the precise and meticulous research of its designer Egidio Panzera and the passion for hi-tech craftsmanship that has always distinguished Riflessi, who welcomed and created this project as its author imagined it. . A challenge that saw the designer and the company working side by side to achieve a result that speaks for itself!

Reflections Madia ADDITION by Egidio Panzera 009

Reflections Madia ADDITION by Egidio Panzera 010

The Addition sideboard is a combination of three elements: wall, shelf and sideboard. All the elements are illuminated according to a concept of practicality and enhancement of materials: the panel has lighting all around, another light runs along the shelf and illuminates downwards, the sideboard, in addition to being illuminated inside, has a light source on the back that illuminates the wall.

Wall 160 L x H x D 160 8 cm
Shelf L 150 3.5 cm x D x H23
Madia 180 L x H x D 50 48 cm

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