Salone del Mobile 2015

The design of taste at the Fuorisalone

The design of taste at the Fuorisalone
The design of taste at the Fuorisalone it has been modified: 2015-04-06 di anna rarely

Collecting your thoughts on what #DesignDelGusto is is the mission that Mionetto you are given during the Fuorisalone.

Anyone can express their #DesignDelGusto idea by sharing the hashtag on social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The headquarters for the tasting, between 14 and 19 April, will be the Nhow hotel, a temple of design in Via Tortona, in the heart of fuorisalone.

Why a wine at Design Week? Because design has no more borders and this event is particularly attractive to the public and exhibitor, thanks to its mix of freshness, wonder, glamor and eccentricity.

For the uninitiated, the Fuorisalone was born in the 2000s as a spontaneous manifestation of companies that temporarily "occupy" abandoned areas of Milan, enhancing them with art installations, shifting attention to a cultural and artistic level, no longer purely commercial as it wants. the traditional Salone del Mobile in Rho.

This genesis demonstrates that the boundaries of design are no longer delineable. It is not surprising that among furnishing accessories and technology, outside the famous Fuorisalone parties, also bubbles are positioned.

The presence of Mionetto Design Week is a conscious choice that demonstrates time was right to question the contemporary meaning of design.

In academia the gurus taught that. The diktacts were “Minimal, anonymous”. But over the years design has been asked for more: to be intelligent, sustainable, responsible, emotional, status symbol, ...

There is an interesting case, an exception for which what we tend to identify as design is not the product itself but its container. Let's think about packaging. In front of a bottle of wine, we tend to evaluate the contents for its container. The task of transmitting through sight the pleasure that the other senses would derive from consumption is entrusted to graphics, shape and materials that dress the product.

With the claim “This is not just a Prosecco. It's Mionetto ”is as if the brand brought attention back to the true essence of the product. The expression "Design of taste" identifies a process of creation, a design that can only be defined by virtue of its sensorial and experiential dimension. Here, savoring his design with the taste of Cuvèe Sergio finds space at the design week just as, if not more, than witnessing an interactive installation that transmits status to a car, or a work of art that infuses spirituality into a technological product that the visitor of the Fuorisalone expects to experience.



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