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Two opposite worlds, rational and irrational, the Marcel Wanders concept for LG Hausys at Fuori Salone 2015

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Two opposite worlds, rational and irrational, the Marcel Wanders concept for LG Hausys at Fuori Salone 2015 it has been modified: 2015-03-14 di Benedict Flowers

The 'two opposite worlds' concept adopted for the LG Hausys installation, designed by Marcel Wanders on the occasion of fuorisalone 2015, Is not a simple spatial arrangement, but a real sensory experience.

In this space, where reason and emotion meet, HI-MACS becomes art.

Being inspired by the innovation of the materials produced by LG Hausys, as well as by their versatility and performing quality, Marcel Wanders tells the story of the infinite possibilities offered by the products, and he does so through an amazing creation. The original project focuses on the contrast between the themes of the macrocosm, with an ornamental representation of the multilevel vastness of the Universe, and that of the microcosm, with its ordered systems and patterns that can be found at the microscopic level.

It is from this contrast that space is born, seen as a meeting point between rational and irrational, with a heart made of HI-MACS® that transforms material into emotion.

“We have conceived an imaginative space full of surprises,” he says Marcel Wanders “In which visitors can linger, enjoy the atmosphere and discover the myriad of possibilities offered by the range of LG Hausys materials. We have fully developed its potential, from floor to wall, from roofing to cladding. The funniest phase of the design was when we developed endlessly the possibilities of using the materials, until we obtained unexpected and surprising results! ”.

The installation experiences two contrasting spaces, the rational zone and the emotional zone. The rational area is a fundamentally functional and clean meeting space, which invites dynamic dialogue and the exchange of information and ideas. The floor and walls are made of metal panels whose geometric shapes highlight the precision in the shapes and the breadth of the space. In the center of the room stands a work of extraordinary artistic value, which bears the imprint of Marcel Wanders' patterns: an imposing medallion, in slow rotation, from which all the beauty and versatility of the New Generation HI-MACS Acrylic Stone ®.

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Compared to this rational and functional zone, the emotional zone is more intimate, mysterious and poetic, almost pictorial. The space is entirely covered in the Marcel Wanders 'Blooming Universe' pattern, and immerses the visitor in an oasis of calm and sensitivity. The patterns extend here to all the surrounding objects, not limited to just the medallion: from chairs to accessories and floor lamps.

In this environment imposing, monumental, contrasts with the glossy white HI-MACS® with, to suocentro, the surface of the medallion coated with a metallic layer. The visitor is led sit and admire the beauty of this wonderful sculpture in slow rotation, whose lighting makes it even more fascinating.

The technical and functional identity of HI-MACS® takes on almost poetic aspects in this installation. In addition to the solid surface, LG Gracia wallpaper was used to cover the various pieces of furniture, while the walls were covered with an extraordinary laminate, usually used to enhance appliances and devices, but not structures.

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The creation of Marcel Wanders for LG Hausys at Superstudio Più, it surprises and inspires, highlights the creative use of LG Hausys products and at the same time creates a perfect balance between the concrete and tactile sphere, and the intangible one, in a game between the rational and the emotional world , between practicality and magic. An experience not to be missed.

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