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AFTER THE FURNITURE FAIR: 6 TRENDS THAT WILL CHANGE THE TASTE OF CONSUMERS it has been modified: +2015 di jessica zannori

From furniture "Quick Change" furnishing carbon, here is what are the trends that will influence the market design and decor throughout the year.

What will remain of this Salone del Mobile 2015? After the great feast of proposals admired at the Design Week, tried to understand what the trends that will drive consumer choices in the coming months.

The popular site of e-commerce, att ive in Italy, Europe, Korea and the Unit Stat i, identified six major trends dest inat ia influence more or less marked the entire industry of design and furniture.

1. The cabinet is increasingly trasformista

Tables that stretch, armchairs that become niches, coffee tables that turn into the banchett, libraries double face with letter ia disappearance, extensible console. Never before has the furniture makes a virtue of necessity: if the house is small, or the spaces are saturated, there is always a solution, you just know where to look among cosiddett the "convertible furniture". This is demonstrated by all the solutions developed by brands like Ozzio, Calligaris, Bontempi and Smartbeds that, thanks in part Icolari espedient technicians - as extensions built and telescoping mechanisms - can be incredibly versat ili and multifaceted.

2. Many proposals on the table

Il table It remains one of the great protagonists of furniture home, but above all one of the laboratories more stimolant the designers of high level. The goal is to always combine functionality and personality; but experimentation touches levels never before seen both in terms of forms, both as regards materials and structures. Proposals for Bontempi, Callegaris, Cattelan Italy or Tonin Casa tell an obvious path of research undertaken by the producers. That on one hand they play on material effects, color and texture of the top, the other dare with support structures by impossible balances and mechanisms of longer and more invisible (yet prat ici).

3. Materials here is the f ibra carbon

Plastic, glass, crystal, ceramic all'inossidabile over wood: the world of design and decor is open to 360 degrees to experimentation with materials. The novelty of the year lies in the graft from carbon fiber, a material that combines light weight and durability in a rather unique. A very concrete example of the orizzont that could open up in the near future will come from the new feather Kartell, a chair lightweight and thin (2 2,2 kg per mm of thickness), incredibly strong and flexible. The decisive role of new technologies and in particular the techniques of injection molding, today finally able to bring the benefits of carbon on a product aesthetic and design.

4. The outdoor has become big

The exterior is now a real extension of living indoors. Seats, sofas, vases, furniture and lights are becoming more attractive and sophisticated, thanks to the use of structures in aluminum and polyethylene of high quality, often hybridized with concrete, metal, wood, fabrics. Peering between the proposals for external Serralunga, Driade, Kartell or Choir will have the impression that the outdoor segment is experiencing its golden age: all those design solutions that used to be admired only in the residences of prestige, in hotels, spas, swimming pools and terraces luxury, are finally available to everyone.

5. Between past and present

Not only ambitious and futuristic objects: the concept of innovation also goes by the recovery of some great classics of design copyright. This is demonstrated by the many reissues of some iconic products that have made the history of furniture. Those just presented by Driade - pouf block Nanda Vigo, the Sof Sof chair by Enzo Mari to the table Oyster Marco Zanuso Jr. - are a tribute to the best Italian tradition.

6. To all LED

The LED is undoubtedly the element that guides the choices of the main players in the world of lighting. For brands such as Flos, Artemide, Foscarini or Cattelan Italian lamp becomes an expressive tool capable of creating impressive effett the light. The LED is combined with the forms and the transparency of the material, giving a unique atmosphere, able to mold and shape the environments, often in connection with the use of the same light. And the lamps become more versatile, interactive, multi-functional, moving along the soffitt paret ie without constraints due to systems that furnish rods.

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