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Design for 2015 goes international

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Design for 2015 goes international it has been modified: 2015-02-14 di Benedict Flowers

Design For 2015 is the fourth chapter of a story that speaks of people and objects and how they can be born a design product.

In a scene in which the synergy between designers and companies is now a primary condition in the circuit design, the initiative to, Is even more cross.

For this year, the book-catalog highlights 300 150 concept of international designers presented with over 1500 images, and special features. For the first time, we see the spread is reverse printed and digital, with texts in Italian and English. Within the volume space they are also images and unpublished interviews, biographies and insights special dedicated to established companies in the design sector as Bosa, Gufram and Pedrali, and internationally renowned designers such as Adriano Design, John Levantie Makio Hasuike.

Inside this edition, also in view of the forthcoming Expo 2015, attention is being paid all'attualissimo theme of food design, the center of the contest #With, A designer engaged with food, done in 2014 and who awarded projects: Infobite F. Buzzo, P. and S. Giordano Lambertoni; Food Design for Happy Living, Chiara Ricci; Platefulips, Tina Conforti.

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To provide greater visibility to the creative, the Design For this year awarded the three projects that have attracted most attention because of their innovative and original; Illuminasogni of Babaulab, magic lamp for children able to tell their stories and audiobooks; Paper-Wood Horse, of Drill Design, rocking horse built with layers of recycled paper alternating with wooden slats; X-plus of Xiaoxi Shi, versatile creation that can be used as a table, shelf or stool. The three projects will be exposed in the event Design Din-in organized by at the next Fuorisalone, 14-19 April 2015.

Last big news of Design For 2015 15 will be to involve designers selected among participants who can attend free workshops to design food design. This initiative
will be coordinated by Paolo Barrichella, international food designer, first to publish the theory of Food Design in Italy, and today, thanks to the results of his research, is one of the most respected opinion leader in the field; this intervention will complement that of the Bergamo Mogi, operating in the coffee sector, the brainchild of Monica and Gianluigi inspired by a long family tradition.

The appointment is set for the event organized by Din-Design In during Fuorisalone, 14-19 April 2015, within the space of street Maximian 6 / 9 via Sbodio's Lambrate.

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