Salone del Mobile 2015

Cocodi collection by Italo Pertichini for Adrenaline

Cocodi collection by Italo Pertichini for Adrenaline it has been modified: 2016-06-06 di Benedict Flowers

Recently presented at the Salone del Mobile Milan 2015 collection Cocodi born thinking to caratelle, the typical carts built by children to compete in races on the asphalt.

The version with high back just reminds the cockpit of a small wheeled vehicle.

From caratella a chair and sofa, Cocodi, designed by Italo Pertichini, Wetsuit in a comfortable seat, in which the wheels of the caratella are replaced by thin steel legs that elevate the sessions from the ground for almost 20 cm, then accommodate the user in a surrounding seat.

Played on two-tone fabrics, and made interesting by the two versions of low back and high, Cocodi is a sophisticated collection for the simplicity of its lines, appealing to the ability to mix different colors and contrast.

Cocodi is a particularly large family that includes armchairs with legs or bases, sofas, and stools.

Internal structure: wood
Coating: Europost2 by Gabriel
Entirely handmade in Italy


COCODI adrenaline-SOFA-1P 9209-CUT

COCODI adrenaline-SOFA-2P 9220-CUT

Adrenaline Cocodi 1344 CUTOUT

Adrenaline Cocodi 1349 CUTOUT

Adrenaline Cocodi 1352 CUTOUT

Adrenaline Cocodi 1354 CUTOUT

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