Salone del Mobile 2015

Bross has ADEMAR

Giulio Iacchetti, table ADEMAR
Bross has ADEMAR it has been modified: 2015-03-31 di Bianca Maria Morandi

Drawn by Giulio Iacchetti, ADEMAR will be presented to the public at the Salone del Mobile 2015.

Its name, which in Lombard means "great for the nobility," suggests a table with generous dimensions, able to comfortably accommodate eight people, so marked by conviviality.

The circular shape allows it to all the people gathered around her to be able to look in the eye and talk comfortably.

the ADEMAR table has four deep bevels that characterize the lower surface of the top, which create thinner profiles and varying heights in order to make its true thickness hard to perceive.

The legs, made of solid oak or walnut, then argue the plan according to a logic of organic and perfect continuity planning.

Giulio Iacchetti table ADEMAR 01

Giulio Iacchetti table ADEMAR 02

Giulio Iacchetti table ADEMAR 03

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