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OUT IN THE SIXTH EDITION OF SALON 2015 IOricicloTUricicli it has been modified: 2015-03-19 di misuracasammarro


Here we are! The Fuori Salone 2015 will in effect be the "dress rehearsal" of Expo 2015.

Dates: 13 - 19 April 2015. And we, who for six years have been promoting the most famous green event of the Fuori Salone, IOricicloTUricicli, this year could only think of a welcome edition for EXPO and for the whole world. who will come to visit Milan. Welcome to Milan 2015 !!! We are there! Here we are !!! … World: here is the green design of Italy !!!

IOricicloTUricicli born to give space and visibility to new emerging talents on the Italian eco-design scene, this year it will focus the spotlight on the best of green production of the year. As every year, great news and as always the venue for the event is the prestigious location of the Fuori Salone circuit, the very central via Tortona at the NHOW HOTEL.

The event, like every year, will be an excellent showcase for the participating designers put in contact with the Italian and international press and, as always, an opportunity to meet prestigious buyers and a large audience looking for exclusive design / pieces to buy.

An unmissable event to bring out new projects! Inaugurated in 2010, IOricicloTUricicli is proposed for the 2015 Salone del Mobile as a unique and extraordinary opportunity to give visibility to emerging designers who make green their concept. Since the birth of the event, about 100 projects have been selected over the years, many of which have become successful and all are an eloquent symbol of a way of doing recycle, of developing sustainable utopias and revolutionary re-designs. All works are a symptom of a fervent green production in Italy.

In recent years, IOricicloTUricicli has effectively become a research and promotion laboratory for young talents during the international days of the Salone del Mobile and beyond, offering participants an incomparable and excellent showcase and successful integrated communication. IOricicloTUricicli 6 - Welcome to Milan 2015 will be a great celebration of Italian eco-design in view of Expo 2015. Welcome to Milan 2015…… let the made in Italy green design festival begin !!!

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