Salone del Mobile 2015

the new preview of the eclectic collection of Masiero at Euroluce 2015

Masiero VIRGO A100
the new preview of the eclectic collection of Masiero at Euroluce 2015 it has been modified: 2015-04-10 di Benedict Flowers

Preview some images of the novelties of the eclectic collection that Masiero present edition of 2015 euroluce.

Mabell S3

The consistency of the forms, with solids and highly textural, lives in pop-art style between bold colors and chrome trim.
The MASIERO bells diffuse ambient lighting evenly thanks to the design specifically designed not to create pockets of shadow. The polyurethane structure incorporates an LED lighting, warm light, with diffuser in matte acrylic.

The suspension 3 lights (as well as surface-mounted version) can be decomposed into individual pieces in turn be combined in infinite compositions of shapes and colors.

Masiero Mabell S3


A bunch of light cascade. The light flows gently between the drops that fall from the roundness of the lamp and spreads into the surrounding soft.

The wide range of colors (with pendants, in "hot colors" or "cold") makes Ola a perfect creation in both classic and modern surroundings.
Or in a mixture of styles, which is not syncretism, modern classic.

Masiero OLA OV160 copper leaf


RIPPLE is a delicate ribbon in the wind, an ethereal rippling from which drops down to a precious rain. The lightweight wooden strip, available in natural oak, wenge oppu re-bleached oak, conceals a series of LED lights that cast a diffuse halo toward the ceiling.

The drops made by hand by skilled Venetian glassmakers, are unique objects in glass with workmanship balloton submerged, a special technique to create tiny air droplets inside the glass. The light produced by retractable LED light sources is amplified by each drop for a unique lighting effect.

Masiero RIPPLE S120


light strokes, sinuous curves and curls Baroque design the space projecting commas of light. Designs by Vivian made of polyurethane in two sizes (Ø105 and Ø67) and illuminated LED.

The wall provides indirect light coming from the LED strip disappearing in the rays. In the ceiling and suspension versions, in addition to indirect light, housed on the arms, the LED spot projecting direct light downward. Presented in white color, it is available in any color.

Masiero VIRGO A100

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