Salone del Mobile 2015

GELÉE pouf chewy Roberto Paoli for Slide at the Furniture Fair 2015

06 Gelee Slide Roberto Paoli
GELÉE pouf chewy Roberto Paoli for Slide at the Furniture Fair 2015 it has been modified: 2015-04-09 di Benedict Flowers

Inspired by the marshmallows so beloved by children, Roberto Paoli realized the soft pouf Gelée for slide.

Giving a product so familiar in our lives a different scale, you got your project a soft seating and fun that already has an intrinsic familiarity with the colors and that for its conformation shows characteristics of functionality, comfort and recreation.

The increasing push by design companies to invest in research and development of new technologies brings indisputable results in terms of performance of the product, but the technology to offer something more, to add rich content and fun.

A good way to combine technological innovation a dose of delight and pleasure is to rely on the creative abilities of the right designer.
Slide took up this thought and Roberto Paoli has commissioned the construction of a subject who could integrate beauty, entertainment and technology in a perfect mix.

The peculiar form of Jelly makes one look is enough to be magnetically kidnapped by the desire to try it, ready to savor all its comfort. The selection of soft polyurethane, a material that the company is developing and testing more and more, has allowed the expectations created after the first glance were not rejected and that the object appears really soft also the actual test.

Salone del Mobile 2015, 16 Slide Hall Stand E48

01 Gelee Slide Roberto Paoli

02 Gelee Slide Roberto Paoli

03 Gelee Slide Roberto Paoli

04 Gelee Slide Roberto Paoli

05 Gelee Slide Roberto Paoli

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