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Technology and sustainability: the themes of the seventh edition of the Rio + Design at the Fuori Salone 2015

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Technology and sustainability: the themes of the seventh edition of the Rio + Design at the Fuori Salone 2015 it has been modified: 2015-03-25 di Benedict Flowers

Rio de Janeiro's design is today synonymous with research, creativity, innovation, respect for the environment.

So many meanings that can be summarized in two main concepts: technology and sustainability. These are the main threads of the seventh edition of the Rio + Design, during the International Furniture Fair Milan, from the 14 19 April.

The exhibition is an initiative of the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro, through the Secretariat for Economic Development, in collaboration with Sebrae-RJ, Apex and Firjan.

In the ever-teeming Zona Tortona - surrounded by a captivating scenography characterized by bright colors and images of Rio de Janeiro, designed by Guto Indio da Costa - more than 75 pieces and 40 design studios will be exhibited. All creations of young talents and established professionals who arise from the passion for discovery in a stimulating atmosphere. A selection that travels from furniture to jewelery, passing through furnishing accessories.

Sustainable wood will play a leading role, demonstrating the conscious and ecologically responsible choice of Rio's creative minds. This is the case of products such as the PlampZ lamp, designed by Bolei Design, made of paper and Brazilian reforestation pine - materials derived from renewable natural sources, processed with laser technology. Or the Moiré table, by the O Formigueiro studio, characterized by a contemporary style and produced with reclaimed wood.

The innovation will be present through amazing projects such as “Gota”, a partnership between NEXT PUC-Rio and FMC Technologies do Brasil, where design is used to optimize oil and gas exploration at the bottom of the sea. NEXT PUC-Rio will also present structured replicas, made with a 3D printer, of the most famous monument in Brazil: the “Cristo Redentor”. The public of the Salone del Mobile will also be able to learn about the creative process that involved the creation of the pieces. Videos will be projected through the monitors that tell the details and curiosities of each project, in addition to the profile of the creators.

A special tribute will be paid to maestro Sergio Rodrigues, who died in September last year. Considered one of the fathers of modern Brazilian furniture, Rodrigues has participated in Rio + Design since its first edition. “Rio de Janeiro (not just the city, but the entire state) is a continuous source of interesting projects that confirm the potential of our design. We are always open to new business and partnerships with other countries, and currently many of Rio's professionals are a reference around the world when it comes to Brazilian design, ”says Rio de Janeiro State Undersecretary for Economic Development, Dulce Ângela Procópio.

Ana Berredo Anel expansão Ag and Imbuia social design magazine

Ring Expansão - design: Ana Berredo Joias (designer: Ana Berredo)

The Expansão ring is the result of a partnership between jewelry and carpentry. Walnut wood was chosen for its carving delicacy and long life, as well as its excellent appearance. The wood used is salvaged, as this is a Brazilian species threatened with extinction. The frame is in 950 silver. It is available in round, square and oval versions.

Bolei Design Luminarias PlampZ social design magazine

Luminaria PlampZ - design: Bolei Design (designer: Victor Lopes Mascarenhas)

The sustainability of the PlampZ lighting line, designed by Bolei Design, has been thought out down to the smallest detail. Brazilian reforestation paper and pine were used, materials derived from renewable natural sources, processed using laser technology. The object can be completely disassembled, to facilitate transport, as well as reduce the waste of raw materials. The light source is LED, also guaranteeing minimum energy consumption and longer life. All this while also reducing the environmental impact of disposal.

O Formigueiro table Moire1 low social design magazine

Moiré table - design: O Formigueiro (designers: Caio Bahouth, Henrique de Mello Franco, Lucas Portes, Vinicius Mesquita)

The Moiré table, by the design agency O Formigueiro, simulates the effect from which it takes its name. This optical illusion occurs when two elements are superimposed, in this case, the two layers of straw, and is visible when the observer approaches the piece of furniture. In addition, the table feet are a clear allusion to the studio brand. The Moiré is a piece that combines traditional materials and contemporary forms. And he is above all very Brazilian. Materials: recycled wood, natural straw and glass.

voronoi shapes 0 social design magazine

Voronoi Skateboard Organic - Design: Terravixta (designers: Bernardo do Amaral and Carina Carmo)

Made of wood, bamboo and carbon fiber, cada Voronoi skateboard, signed Terravixta, is unique, tailor-made for the user. Parameters such as weight, pressure zone and type of thrust are considered for the customized production of the product which combines the technology and precision of industry standards with manual finishing. Lightweight, it is also attractive thanks to the unique and original designs for this sector.

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