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"Cristalplant Design Contest 2014": two winners and a mention

Grand Canal
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For the year 2014, the number six, the young designers who participated in the "Cristalplant® Design Contest"They are compared with the design of a complete line or independent products, for bathroom furniture.

An opportunity, that offered by the contest known internationally, who was caught by many. The projects were known for creativity and innovation. To win the first place, however, the proposals that have been able to combine in a more correct appearance with the functional, taking the one hand the technical features and technological Cristalplant Biobased other style of Agape, a company with a character and a well-defined culture.

As part of the complements for the bathroom, the jury chose to award the first prize to Paolo Lucidi e Luca Pevere They are presented with the "Grand Canal". Both graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan, they are professionally trained with Marc Sadler and Marco Ferreri.

They began to sign the first projects together in 2003 and 2006 founded the study LucidiPevere. Through their proposals seek to deal with more and new types of products, contaminating them with aesthetic languages ​​and technologies unpublished, in constant search of their right expression.

"Grand Canal" It is a project born from a memory made of stories, smells and shapes and that materializes itself some signs of an era and a symbol object, the wash.

Originally made of stone or concrete, it was used by all women and accompanied by a wooden board on which washed clothes with water from the river. A tool now disused but strongly sedimented in the popular imagination.

From these memories born "Grand Canal", whose distinctive feature is the very large surface that is developed on the long side of the tank: this appendix is ​​designed slightly sloped to allow water drainage, synthesis and reinterpretation the floor on which they fought the clothes. A formal reference that today serves as a convenient and deep shelf to support the objects that live around the world of wellness.

Further reference to the past is the long wooden shelf natural ideally designed for soap and sponge. Cristalplant Biobased plays a decisive role in the project as it allows to easily integrate and consistent body tub with the table top. The candor typical of this material goes well with the idea of ​​clean that the designers wanted to convey.

Slide Towel Shelf

The American Cory Grosser it is instead won first place in the category of accessories for the bathroom, the position reached through the project "Slide Towel Shelf". Cory Grosser was born in Rochester - NY - and graduated in Architecture at the State University of New York, home to Buffalo, and in Industrial Design at the Art Center College of Design. His work ranges from several disciplines including furniture, product design and textile design, the brand strategy and architecture. Grosser is also a member of the faculty of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

"Slide Towel Shelf" is a product that combines a shelf and a towel rack, perfect for a bathroom furniture taste minimal.

In his simplicity "Slide Towel Shelf" creates a composition on the walls that suggests to contemporary art. Its unique design allows you to expose towels folded in the upper space and hang them, after use, the underside. All this is possible thanks to a ring made of aluminum, finely worked, which can be moved as needed and that frames the visual composition.

In aesthetic terms, the project is distinguished by a pure logic that emerges from the continuous lines and the fluid surfaces: in addition to the clean design is immediately evident the convenience of use and the uniqueness of the material with which it is made, the Cristalplant Biobased.

Domenico Orefice e Michela Benaglia They have instead received a special mention of the jury with "Renaissance Retro Contemporary Aesthetic."
The winning projects and the words were presented in preview at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2014.

"Grand Canal" and "Slide Towel Shelf" will become part of the catalog from Agape 2015.

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