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Kitchen Becomes open! Fuorisalone 2014

kitchen become open
Kitchen Becomes open! Fuorisalone 2014 it has been modified: +2014 di Daniele Prosdocimus

Tmong the first companies to move in this direction, valcucine opens the door to experimentation with models of participatory innovation to address then new production processes based on open source design.

Again the Friulian company encourages anew the return to manual, the ability to create connections, to create.

Sustainability is the real engine of innovation in Valcucine and assuming that the transfer of goods will be passed in the future from the transfer of information, with Kitchen Becomes Open! edited by dotdotdot during the fuorisalone 2014, valcucine want to start a new path linked to pioneering new ways to innovate, design, produce, and, perhaps, deliver products.

Valcucine Milan showroom in Brera Design District, 10, between makers and designers, selected by Valcucine and dotdotdot through a call online will create a workshop on the theme "kitchen open source" designing new components, accessories and new interactions on the kitchen mechanics, To mark Demode engineered by Valcucine.

The showroom Valcucine ongoing Garibaldi 99 is transformed from 6 all'11 April a real Fablab, a digital fabrication laboratory, a place of experimentation and innovation where the designer is the craftsman and the artisan is the designer.

During the workshop, the maker will work closely with the technical Valcucine, the study design dotdotdot and a team of experts including Massimo Menichinelli (open design facilitator), Enrico Netherlands (coordinator FabLab Turin), Stefano Maffei (professor Politecnico Milano), Giulio Iacchetti (Designer), Dario Buzzini (design director of IDEO New York).

Work days are scheduled meetings and debates, open to the public, with important guests invited to share their knowledge, their skills and experiences.

The projects will be presented the 11 April, starting at 18.00 showroom Valcucine Milano Brera at the Brera Design Night and will be on display until Sunday, April 13 2014.

The executable files of the project will be released as open source - so available to all - under Creative Commons CC by-nc-sa namely with permission to distribute, modify, create derivative works from the original, but not for commercial purposes , recognizing the paternity of the project author.

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