Series 130 by Rubinetterie Stella. A contemporary classic

Series 130 by Rubinetterie Stella. A contemporary classic it has been modified: 2021-06-18 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

Born to celebrate the company's 130 years of activity, signed by Michele De Lucchi, in collaboration with Philippe Nigro, the 130 series is a cult of the Stella catalog.

With its fluid and slender shape, maniacally studied in its plastic rendering, 130 is characterized by a unique mix of essentiality and refinement, which in all its forms refers to a floral effect. A masterpiece of aesthetics and functionality, the series was inspired with a modern twist by the charm of the historical collections in the catalog and left its mark on the interior design scene, soon establishing itself as a contemporary classic.

The iconic single-hole washbasin group is strongly flattened to balance the mass of the body with the grip and functionality of use, thus highlighting the double handle with four rounded points on a conical base. The “dual control DL” figure, on the other hand, is able to best express this concept by integrating a progressive temperature adjustment cartridge and an opening / closing valve into the mixer body.
To enhance the charm of the collection with elegant colors, destined to keep their splendor unchanged over time, Rubinetterie Stella offers modern finishes Brass and nickel PVD and the exclusive brushed black “moon” PVD finish.

Classic, like everything that never goes out of fashion, the 130 series knows how to adapt with discretion to modernity and with it to integrate without any competition, and contemporary, in its dynamic and in step with the times, it represents the link between the respect for tradition and the vocation for stylistic innovation that has always been pursued by Rubinetterie Stella.

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