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VIA CORSICO 3: the palace of design, music and art! Fuorisalone 2013

VIA CORSICO 3: the palace of design, music and art! Fuorisalone 2013 it has been modified: 2017-04-07 di Jenny Christmas

On the occasion of the fuorisalone 2013, from 9 to 14 April VIA CORSICO 3 will become the Palazzo del Design. 

There are many transversal proposals, which for the whole day, from 10.30 to 2.00, will wind through the multiple areas of a single space, a railing building typical of the Milanese canals. 

On the ground floor, two separate but adjoining areas will be the synthesis of the spirit of VIA CORSICO 3.

The temporary store Brandstorming welcome works by contemporary artists, installations and exhibitions that will merge between origami, reinterpretations of ancient oriental arts, and productions from decidedly modern and industrial. Each decorative element can be admired and also bought by those who want to take home a "piece of design" memory of this showcase. Throughout the week, from the 10.30 22.00, Samantha Bonanno perform playback of the skyline of the building of VIA CORSICO 3 with paper and lights that will shine the whole space; Letterarium Ivan Martini exhibit tables bright shaped channel letters, metal and plexiglass, converted from old neon signs; will preview unique pieces of furniture derived from the conversion of the use of industrial machinery, metals and painted reinterpreted to illuminate color spaces. 


The cocktail bar inspired New York RAL8022, Name that propels us directly in the shade known in the creative world, will offer customers not only drink and appetizer theme dedicated to the session, by definition design object, but a place of escape where the sessions themselves and paintings on the walls will be true pieces of furniture on display. For the duration of the Exhibition, the brand CromARTica, Giocanda and A'Zizz Joseph Iavicoli, aka Beppe Braid, will welcome their seats!

RAL8022 will be open extraordinarily every morning from 12.00 and will also remain open for lunch, with the possibility of using the wi-fi headphones service to enjoy music every moment of the day. A daily journey between music and literature to be experienced in silence thanks to multi-channel wireless headphones and the collaboration with NOBOOK®, NNOO and Apparel Music Ltd.

Among the events not to be missed: Thursday 11 April the fashion show of the emerging brand Mentine Milano with a performance of dancers dressed in total look Mentine to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the brand together with the public. The evening will continue animated by the music of the Ballamenti group. Saturday 13 April will be the turn of the Design Night Swaparty in collaboration with the Share That! Team, an opportunity to exchange lifestyle items to live as a daily experience.

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