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Stefano Giovannoni chooses Déco to renovate the exterior of his home-studio

Déco Terrazza Stefano Giovannoni
Stefano Giovannoni chooses Déco to renovate the exterior of his home-studio it has been modified: 2018-03-01 di Valentina Vincenti

Stefano Giovannoni, internationally renowned designer, on the occasion of the renewal of the terrace flooring in his residence in Milan, relied on the experience in the sector of Déco, a company specializing in outdoor coverings and furniture.

For the space of 450 square meters, often the scene of events, the architect chose the exotic wood Ipe Lapacho, an essence that comes from the forests of South America. A noble wood, with a warm and elegant appearance, characterized by pleasant shades of color, perfect for making the environment welcoming and comfortable.

A stylistic choice, with a traditional and at the same time avant-garde flavor, which guarantees maximum resistance and stability, up to 45 years after installation.
In terms of safety, the particularly dense and compact essence has the same fire resistance class as concrete.
The natural shades of color of the staves can be sustained over time simply with an annual maintenance based on specific oils.

For an optimal result in all respects, Déco pays great attention not only to the choice of first quality materials but also to the installation of the staves and the substructure, to ensure the right ventilation to the coating and maximum stability over time.

Finally, do not forget that the choice of a wooden flooring for exteriors is not just a stylistic preference, but also an ecological and lasting decision.

Déco Terrazza Stefano Giovannoni

Déco Terrazza Stefano Giovannoni

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