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MoaCasa 2016: the "light" the furniture on display at the New Fair of Rome

MoaCasa 2016: the "light" the furniture on display at the New Fair of Rome it has been modified: 2016-09-27 di francescapress

A clever play of lights and transparencies, sober shades and a refined and elegant and natural style here is immediately ready atmosphere in the house. To renew the furniture and create warm and engaging environments, the appointment with MoaCasa 2016 - scheduled at the Nuova Fiera di Roma from 22 October to 1 November - with many novelties and design trends.

The event, organized by MOA Cooperative Society, now into its 42a edition and it offers the industry's best solutions among so many innovative ideas for every room and every taste. three pavilions to find out the proposals of the best companies in the highly skilled and specialized industry, exhibitors and furniture from different regions of Italy that offer a range of value-added services, from design to technical assistance, through editing to guarantee.

For a more personalized decor that gives a nod to the past, returning the colors of nature, warm and enveloping, and the presence of raw and rustic surfaces creates a friendly environment rich in charm. Without sacrificing innovation and creativity. The classic does not go out of fashion but in fact changing face, mixing modern features with traditional elements: a beautiful antique wooden table thus surrounds of upholstered seats with fabric and colorful designer armchairs, in a clever mix between past and future.

From the bathroom to the kitchen from the living area to the bedroom area, MoaCasa offers quality products for all tastes, From classical to modern, proposed solutions in the most varied in terms of style, always in search of novelty. rich woods and inlaid handmade are an expression of the industry and made in Italy tradition, represented by exhibitors at the CNA, the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and Unioncamere Lazio.

"An exhibition of national importance which offers various furnishing solutions, always in the name of high quality - highlights Massimo Prete, president of MOA Cooperative. Tens of thousands of visitors each edition elected as MoaCasa leadership of the segment for the ideas, projects and, of course, for the variety of products presented. Always in line with the latest trends in furniture and design. "




The decor is modulated and takes on new forms

It's vintage, classic, modern or industrial, the home is the refuge of the soul, safe and comfortable place where you can regenerate and seize the right stimuli to address the every day life. The space is well thought of as a tailored suit, free from the constraints, Inspired by a lifestyle devoted to relaxation and emotional comfort, away from the clamor and pretentiousness.

To live in harmony with each room of the house, the furniture becomes modulateThanks to the clever mix of modern linear shapes with the typical details of a vintage style, the walls are modular and multifunctional solutions. Wardrobes, bookcases, furniture TV, kitchens and structures divide the space, transforming the environment according to the needs. The structural impediment becomes a stimulus to solutions with a refined and contemporary design: service rooms and passageways, rooms with double heights, attics and under stairs not represent constraints but opportunities. Transform the living area or bedroom with facilities, libraries and shelves, it becomes a game, a contrast of light and shadow.

The walls are multifunctional and composition possibilities are endless, The open shelves can be added before and containers for a varied and full use. Cabinets are equipped with internal equipment that offer multiple combinations for each order need: Drawer, door pants, door belts, shoe racks, shelves and clothes rails with integrated light. Not to mention precious leather and fabric details like floor mats for the drawers and boxes for storage compartments shirts. The furnishing solutions on display in MoaCasa 2016 are the result of the combination of components that allow great possibilities of configuration and customization. For a house with timeless charm and tailored.

Vince contrast, materials and styles

Il wood the nature, always undisputed protagonist of every room in the house, is associated with the use of metals and lacquered, in a contrast of materials and styles that satisfies every taste and stylistic need. The richness and warmth of wood combine the rigor and formal cleanliness of the simple and elegant lines: the atmosphere is so relaxed and conquest for its impeccable quality and grace of the individual pieces. The oak, finished with a polishing able to enhance the naturalness and deep veining, is opposed to opaque lacquers and neutral colors, Thereby creating creations capable of transmitting the environment that surrounds them a feeling of warmth and harmony. The tables are a play of forms, the result of a harmonious combination of the bronzed metal bases and wooden floors or contrasting slate: the sculptural pedestal is made of delicate treated metal plate, a metal screen that creates a play of light and shadows. There materiality the plan is opposed as well to the chromed metal lightness.

Vintage, a classic that never goes out of style

The signs of aging heat up the environment and transform the house into the house right away. Trend is the vintage, A term that represents quality and value of objects that know they lived and tell a story, handed down a process and an era. On display, many design solutions, the result of research and a re-use of old materials and objects: from makeover a fruit-box result is a universal container in hot-painted metal, a multi-functional furniture that takes up very little space, perfect for the home or office, the restaurant or the bar.

The sessions, expression of a contemporary nomadism

The living area is the center of the harmony of the slow-living: in an atmosphere that has to be multifunctional in order to live together the informal moments, design sessions tread the scene as protagonists. The result of a choice of contemporary nomadism, the meeting areas and conviviality are mobile and the environment change its structures. A chair, an ottoman or a lounge chair are elements of refined decor which give the house designer touches a strong visual impact.

Combining aesthetic and functional valueThe ottoman with handles makes moving easy. it seems a corolla open, Suspended in the air, the long chair with a light bronze metal structure that is the starting point for a chair elegant and discreet conversation. A private nursery, soft and seductive, to surrender to reading and listening to good music.

Geometries, mirrors and crystal details

Play an essential role in giving a touch of personality to the rooms: they are mirrors and crystal details, which create transparency and reflect the play of light that illuminate the house, creating each time new atmospheres. Geometric, whimsical or minimalist, each mirror reflects a state of mind, a possibility of furniture ready to meet the different areas of taste. Captures the attention the mirror formed by several reflecting surfaces which can be mounted in different angles, thanks to a special coupling system. innovative interpretation of a traditional decor carried out with humor and lightness.

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