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Lobello, the novelty Antrax IT at Salone del Mobile 2016

towel Lobello
towel Lobello
Lobello, the novelty Antrax IT at Salone del Mobile 2016 it has been modified: 2016-03-11 di jessica zannori

Compact, technology, customizable. Lobello, news Antrax IT at the Salone del Mobile 2016, it is an extremely versatile towel warmer, designed to integrate perfectly into the small spaces of residential or contract environments.

Designed by Andrea Crosetta, it has a shape reminiscent of a book: a thin sheet of metal, completely recyclable, symbolically designs the cover, slightly protruding from the internal 'pages'. The coast is facing upwards and the volume ideally assumes that traditional inclination due to the force of gravity.

The slope of the front and back therefore ensure extreme ergonomics: the wipes can in fact be arranged totally adhering to the surface and thus obtain a quick drying. An aluminum handle, also completely recyclable, still the radiator on the wall: its finish is the same as the heating body and can be made in the over 200 colors available in the catalog.

Proposed exclusively in the electric version with a power of 130Watt and in the size of 50 x 42,8 cm, Lobello is a low-consumption product that comes into operation very quickly.

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