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Wood, metals and tissues involved in a more material home

Trends, Casaidea 2017
Wood, metals and tissues involved in a more material home it has been modified: 2017-02-22 di francescapress

It's warm and cozy, or strict and design, the new furnishing trends suggest a sophisticated atmosphere, appreciated by those who can grasp the value of beauty and authenticity made in Italy made of fine workmanship and materials of a strong loads personality.

Wood, metals and textiles are the protagonists of the new proposals in the exposure Casaidea 2017The exhibition of furniture organized by MOA Cooperative Society which this year reaches its 43a edition.

From 18 26 to March three pavilions of New Fair of Rome home to the solutions of over 250 companies present with furniture for sleeping and living area, kitchen, bathroom furniture and outdoor.

The home trends

More and more trendy is the material effect that explores the use of noble materials whose texture itself becomes a decorative element of designer objects and interiors - a raw and unfinished effect that celebrates the beauty of the imperfect - while damask fabrics and trimmings give a new look to the house, as in fashion, and vintage continues to seduce with its taste linked to the history of each of us. A tradition that takes new life with innovation, with furniture that incorporates LEDs capable of illuminating the environment in which they are placed, without the need to resort to other lighting bodies.

It is fashionable to stay in a rational comfort, fruit of the work of professional architects who know how to marry the minimalist rigor with warm notes of the wood, thus creating warmth space, warm and intimate. Of inspiration industrial is the presence of simple and essential components iron which give the character with geometric and functional structures, in a game of lines and curves.

Greenery, color of the year 2017

Forte is the need to recover the connection with nature and seek out one tune with the environment through shapes and colors. The greenery, the 2017 Pantone, as environments with proposals of this nuance and, in addition to furnishing elements, the trend is full of green house, both inside and out, with large plants or movable walls that integrate the plants to bring nature in the living room.

convertible solutions

The space doubles with convertible solutions where a wall system can become a working table or the bed descend directly from the ceiling. The living concepts are customizable and lifestyle become the key point of elegant and refined: a Casaidea 2017 visitors can find qualified professionals who can suggest solutions of furnishing congenial to any specific requirement. Exhibitors and furniture makers from various regions of Italy, an exhibition of national importance that encloses highly qualified and specialized companies that offer a range of value-added services, from design to technical assistance, through editing to guarantee.

Trends, Casaidea 2017

Trends, Casaidea 2017


From 18 26 to March
New Fair of Rome - Fiumicino East Entrance
weekdays: admission € 4 15: 00-20: 00
Saturday and Sunday: admission € 9 10: 00-20: 00
Secretariat Tel. + 39 06-72900200 / 201

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