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Lazio Creative to MoaCasa 2016

Lazio Creative to MoaCasa 2016 it has been modified: 2016-10-24 di francescapress

Protagonists of craftsmanship and creativity in MoaCasa 2016 from 22 1 October to November to the New Fair of Rome. In addition to the presence of exhibitors of CNAand Chamber of Commerce of Rome and Unioncamere LazioThe 42a referral of furniture and design exhibition is enriched by the participation Lazio creative, the Lazio Region program to support creativity, for the first time present at MoaCasa, In a space reserved to hall 3.

Visitors will discover the best craftsmanship of terriotrio represented by 19 artisan reality, selected by the Region to be an important heritage of Lazio, a identirtario tract: the creativity of its companies.

"In England we have creative minds appreciated and recognized all over the world: a great resource that has become increasingly central to the development of our territory. We rely on the vast field of creativity as one of the strategic axes for growth of Lazio and to make our businesses more competitive.

With Lazio Creative program we are funding the creation of new start-ups and entrepreneurial success stories: we have decided to bring in some important occasion like Moa Casa, with the aim to promote good ideas that we helped to create, but also to demonstrate how the push of a public actor capable to bet on talents to produce concrete results and innovative solutions.

A great resource that will continue to fuel"- Nicola Zingaretti, President of the Lazio Region.

"Moa Casa is an extraordinary showcase for young creative people that we are discovering, supporting, promoting and Lazio Creative Program.

It is an opportunity to show ideas with confidence, with joy, that special joy that only inventing something (a chair, a table, a novel, a bed, a song, a sofa ...) can give you. In the creative corner of the Lazio Region we will meet and exchange opinions and paths and dreams, but not only. It can also be sold, because this furniture fair is also a market. Thus, once again, culture (art, beauty, craftsmanship) and production development (trade, profit, business) will be celebrated in a single party. Creativity makes and makes you happy. It is a professional outlet and, at the same time, the fulfillment of an identity need: to express oneself, leave an imprint, launch a style. Imagine new solutions. Create"- Lidia Ravera, Councillor for Culture and Youth Policy Region Lazio

"Among the many initiatives on these issues are organized in Rome and Lazio, MoaCasa is not only one of the most eagerly awaited by the public and by professionals, it is above all a place where you meet tradition, technology, creativity and innovation.

The Lazio Region has identified right in supporting creativity, talents and ability to combine tradition and innovation, some of the main channels to enable the regional production system to get back to being competitive again. For these reasons we have chosen to be present in MoaCasa; with active participation by presenting some of the best experiences among those who have benefited, directly or indirectly, financing and regional actions.

Lazio creative, the program through which we supported 19 2016 actually present in this exhibition, is part of the larger regional innovation program consists of various measures, such as those for startup, internationalization, 4.0 industry . All interventions designed to enable enterprises of Lazio to hook the changes taking place in the more advanced economies, convinced that even from here pass bet to boost the competitiveness and regional economic growth"- Guido Fabiani, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Production Activities of the Lazio Region.

The Lazio region has an important business area in the field of cultural and creative industries. Cinema, audiovisual media, the performing arts, publishing, fashion, design, technologies applied to cultural heritage are significant areas in economic and employment terms and with considerable potential for development. The cultural and creative industries alone represent the 8% of the regional GDP against 6% of the average nazionale.Il Program Lazio Creative born to wrap into a single network: talent, start-ups, places, events and opportunities for funding.

For more event information to the 22 2016 October, MoaCasa!



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