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Laquercia21 Fuorisalone 2017

Laquercia21 Fuorisalone 2017
Laquercia21 Fuorisalone 2017 it has been modified: 2017-03-24 di Elena Verderio

The opening "Are you talking to me?", Theatrical improvisation and character trait that stages the puppets, inaugurates the 2017 Fuorisalone Umbrian Laquercia21 laboratory at the space Brandstorming Friday March 31 18.00 to 22.00 hours by hours. From Saturday to Sunday 1 9 April, the concept store will also house the permanent exhibition "6 Beliefs", the new collection of custom made furniture.

“An actor, a puppet, a house. A protected and isolated shell, in which to stage the everyday life of the relationship between the actor and a mask (the Puppet). We want to tell the domestic space through the emotional relationship between man and furniture. "

A borderline path, therefore, between design and theater, that will welcome you from the windows of a store concept research and will lead you in the interior of a typical Milanese palace railing. From the world of objects in the world of theater, in a home reconstruction that tells the stories that the vessels are capable of creating around us.

The Puppets

The puppets are unique bedside tables for materials, shapes and techniques that allow the testing of materials and color contrasts. Complements taking the vintage appeal of furniture with soul and personality.


Beliefs are container furniture designed for living, kitchens or bedrooms, with the ability to combine multiple solutions: doors, drawers, shelves, wheels, bi-frontal structures.

Laquercia21 Beliefs

Laquercia21 Beliefs



laquercia21 puppets

laquercia21 puppets

laquercia21 puppets

laquercia21 puppets


Laquercia21 is an Umbrian laboratory blender of ideas, materials and techniques; an open space, a co-design with customers, architects and designers to create a custom design made. Each work is a particular case, without the furniture industry pre-packaged solutions, which allows for unique pieces. The concept of eco-design, which is the basis of each production realized in wood and reuse of materials, allows a constant testing of aesthetic and functional solutions.

Laquercia21 designs and manufactures furnishing to measure: cupboards, sideboards and consoles, lamps, tables and chairs, bookcases, cabinets and beds, stairs and wooden structures. unique and not mass production, basic models of a convertible catalog, copies become the original after the customization according to customer requirements for color, dimensions, finishes.

Laquercia21 also creates interior designs tailored to private homes, clubs and shops. Each client is accompanied in a process of co-design that led him to choose according to your needs and your taste. In fact, the site provides useful elements for requesting quotes and projects or simply to stimulate ideas and questions.


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