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The living room of (outside) house on display at Casaidea 2018

The living room of (outside) house on display at Casaidea 2018 it has been modified: 2018-03-05 di francescapress

Longing for the sun, longing for the summer. Spring is back and - from 17 to 25 March in three pavilions of the Fiera di Roma - the appointment with Casaidea 2018, the furniture and design exhibition organized by MOA Società Cooperativa, has reached its 44th edition this year.

Living the exteriors like an extra room

After a cold winter, the temptation to rediscover the outdoors is irresistible. Among the 2018 novelties, Casaidea reserves Hall 3 at the Outdoor Furniture Show, thus responding to the great interest present on Italian soil for everything related to outdoor furniture. Thanks to a usually mild climate, in fact, according to research conducted by Houzz - an online platform that connects architects, designers and experts in the sector with end users - more than a third of homeowners renovate their outdoor spaces: among the main reasons there is the desire for personalization of those who have recently purchased the property (41%), the need to fix deteriorated or crumbling external elements (21%) and to adapt the exteriors to recent lifestyle changes (21%) ). Furthermore, during the hot season, for 29% of the target analyzed the area outside their home becomes a real additional room and, after months locked up in their home or office, 45% love to spend pleasant moments of relaxation there. 20% use it to devote themselves to the hobby of gardening, 19% organize barbecues and dinners with friends, while only 5% use it as a solarium or area where they can smoke (Research Houzz Italia "Trends in Residential Exterior Design", 2017).
To satisfy all needs, among the exhibitors of the Casaidea 2018 Outdoor Furniture Show you can find the most modern and innovative solutions, from furnishings to pergolas, from fireplaces to ovens for cooking food, from outdoor lighting to swimming pools. , both in the international contemporary style and in the more traditional national expressions. One of the main focuses of this edition of Casaidea 2018 concerns the materials used, all avant-garde and respectful for the environment. It is the same designers who mix different types of elements with different textures: wood is one of the protagonists and is combined with all forms of aluminum, wrought iron, stainless steel and other metals. The combination of hard and soft surfaces, so common in nature, becomes increasingly evident in outdoor solutions.

The "living room" moves outdoors

The living room has always been one of the hot spots of a home. The place where the family meets, in which to relax after a day of work, where to welcome friends or enjoy a dinner. The care for details, for choosing the right furniture becomes a fundamental step in the furnishing of the living room. Who said that all this can not be brought to the outside? In recent years, the care, towards the garden or simply the terrace of the house, is increasingly attentive, precisely because they are becoming places of aggregation and conviviality. The living room moves so outdoors and the boundary between indoor and outdoor becomes thinner and thinner.
Outdoor furniture and equipment designers look at the raw beauty of nature and make many of their new collections through organic and natural materials. At Casaidea 201 Outdoor Furniture Exhibition, the cozy environment of the living room is transported to the outside, creating real oases of peace and relaxation, a warm and comfortable environment, especially devoid of formalism. The design of the furniture is captivating and with a hint of high-tech, a series of solutions that allow to prolong the use of the "outdoor living room" even after the summer.

Whirlpool and barbecue, relaxation is served

The hot tub, the place of relaxation par excellence, evolves in both design and technology. New leather coverings are created that protect the structure from the elements, they are much lighter and therefore easier to transport, the engines are increasingly silent and aim to save energy, just to not lose sight of nature. The concept of chromotherapy evolves, capturing the attention of visitors thanks to the introduction of new LED mechanisms that amplify the benefits of the whirlpool bath.
And for the sweet tooth, at the Outdoor Show you could not miss the barbecue present in its different variants: ranging from gas-powered ones with steel cart to wood-covered ones covered in stone, to more complex structures, like real and own lava stone outdoor kitchens.
The wood oven then became a "must have" for lovers of outdoor furniture, thanks above all to the possibility of being able to choose between steel or masonry structures that adapt to all environments. Both are ideal for cooking a good pizza.

Not just Outdoor: interior furniture and workshops

In the three pavilions of the Rome Fair dedicated to furniture - browsing among the many solutions for sleeping and living areas, kitchens, bathroom and outdoor furniture of the more than 250 exhibitors - visitors to Casaidea 2018 can embark on an ideal journey among the new trends with proposals from exhibitors and furniture makers from different regions of Italy.
For lovers of minimalism, classic black and white are never lacking, while for those who want to dare, they live in new chromatic combinations with striking effects, with metallic and iridescent shades that give the rooms a touch of modernity. Even Wood is the main protagonist of the materials, in particular the oak that goes with the most rigorous design lines, immediately giving the environment the warmth and the ancient taste of tradition. Of industrial inspiration is the presence of simple and essential components in iron, thus giving character to the environment with geometric and functional structures. And geometry is also present in fabrics and wallpapers, as in the design of furniture accessories. Always in trend are proposals and solutions save space and transformable, for light and bright environments, with light points that focus on the most original furnishings, a few selected pieces that give character to the whole house.

Casaide 2018 also becomes an opportunity for in-depth study thanks to a calendar full of meetings and events with experts from different sectors related to the home, which meet the public, architects and interior designers. You can register online and download the updated program on

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