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HOMI ASIA DESIGN 2017 it has been modified: 2017-02-09 di homiasiadesign

HOMI ASIA DESIGN next edition 15 - 18 September 2017 Homi Fiera Milano Rho

A landmark in ITALY and EUROPE for Asian design, for its schools, organizations and institutions, a bridge of cooperation between East and West.

For the first time HOMI_Fiera Milan presented this year, in the January 2017, a space dedicated to Asian design and its cultures: HOMI ASIA DESIGN.
This happened thanks to the collaboration established between HOMI, famous fair of Milan in lifestyle and trends and Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week, an association committed to creating cooperation between East and West, a member of the Committee of the Fuorisalone of Milan Design Week, the first and only “oriental design Week“ in Italy and Europe, and now, thanks to HOMI ASIA DESIGN, also bridge between Milan Design Week and HOMI, that is between marketing and commercialization.

The experience of Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week in the West as curator of Asian design brands and young talents eastern allowed to showcase special creations of design and even pills of oriental contemporary art.

9 the brands on display plus some designers, all in search of promotion, buyers, producers and consumers: ZSMART DESIGN STUDIO and KDSZ from China, STUDIO AKKA snd DESIGN METHODS from Korea, YU HIROAKA DESIGN and TOMO KIMURA from Japan, Ankush DESIGN GALLERY, BOMBAY ATELIER and Sarthak SAHIL DESIGN Co. From India, ALESSIO LU, ISATO PRUGGER, Weibin DING and the italian koreanlo study jihyun DAVID.

4 the watchwords of the exhibition concept, all centered on Milan, the city of Design, summary of the HOMI ASIA DESIGN objectives: watch-MI, buy-MI, produce-MI, book-Mi, that is "look at me", ”Buy me“, ”produce me” and “book me“.

This first edition in HOMI, with its visitors 85,115, 17,000 170 international buyers from countries, Showed That HOMI ASIA DESIGN can be one of the most interesting exhibitions design, for its special identity, diversity, international, cooperation and potential of cultural and economic development .

If you are an Asian brand design or an oriental or an oriental designer or mixed design studio, Eastern and Western, Promote and sell your design products / prototypes in the next edition of HOMI ASIA DESIGN from 15 18 September 2017 HOMI to Fiera Milano Rho

Write to to receive info.

Homi Asia Design

Homi Asia Design

Homi Asia Design

Homi Asia Design

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